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Olu Evans’s Net Worth

As of November 2023, Olu Evans’s net worth ranged from $1 million to $5 million, largely because of his accomplishments during his time as a javelin thrower. His main source of revenue is the results of his sporting endeavors, which highlight his skill in the arena. Notably, JSW Sports and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) have provided him with a great deal of assistance, which has been extremely important in boosting his performance and financial situation.

Who Is Olu Evans 

Sure thing! In the US, Olu Evans is comparable to a jack-of-all-trades. He’s not just any ordinary forty-three-year-old; he’s a successful corporate lawyer, a well-known figure in the media, astute businessman, and successful entrepreneur. But being Misty Copeland’s other half is what really makes him stand out. Now, Misty’s a big deal herself – a groundbreaking ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. She smashed records by becoming the first African American woman to snag the principal dancer title in ABT’s 75-year history. Talk about a power couple making waves across the nation!

Olu Evans Biography

Misty Copeland, an amazing ballet dancer from the U.S., is tearing up the dance floor with the ‘American Ballet Theatre’ in New York. She’s like the rockstar of ballet, earning awards and wowing audiences everywhere. Let me share some cool moments from her journey:

Consider this: The amazing ballet star Misty Copeland is now touring with the ‘American Ballet Theatre’ in the vibrant metropolis of New York. She is much more than simply a dancer; she is an absolute legend who wins accolades and dazzles the audience with her performances. Misty’s not just making moves; she’s making history in the world of ballet!


Real NameOlubayo Evans
Famous AsOlu Evans
OccupationCorporate Attorney, Celebrity Spouse, Media Face, and Entrepreneur
Age (as of 2023)43 Years Old
BirthplaceThe United States of America
Current ResidenceNew York City, United States
Zodiac SignWill Update
Net WorthUSD 4-5 million (approx.)
Alma materEmory University School of Law
WeightIn Kilograms: 80 kg In Pounds: 176.37 lbs
HeightIn Feet Inches: 5′ 9″

Educational Background

Compared to his wealthy wife, Evan has always been a bit of a mystery since he prefers to keep details about his personal life private. All that is actually known about him is that he was born in 1979 in the United States, most likely amidst the chaos of New York City. His roots trace back to African-American John Twichell and his Jewish wife Linda. Beyond that, the details of Evan’s early years remain a bit fuzzy, leaving us to wonder if he has any brothers or sisters.

After tossing his cap at high school graduation, Evan didn’t put a pause on education. He dove back into the books at Emory University, eventually snagging his Juris Doctor degree. The year 2007 marked a turning point as he made his mark on the legal scene by getting admitted to the New York Bar. It seems like Evan prefers to let his achievements do the talking rather than spill all the beans about his private life.

Olu Evans Age & Early Life

Olu Evans comes from a proud African-American family, born in the good ol’ U.S. of A back in 1979. Pinning down his exact birthday is a bit like chasing a slippery eel, but word on the street is that he’s around 43 years old as of 2022.

Now, let me spill the tea – Olubayo Evans is his birth name, no fancy stage names here. The guy’s got brains too. He kicked off his learning journey at a local school, mastering the ABCs and all that jazz. Fast forward, he decided to tackle the legal world, earning his law degree from Emory University School of Law.

After tossing that graduation cap in the air, Olu dived headfirst into the professional legal scene, proving that book smarts and street smarts can go hand in hand. So, there you have it – Olu Evans, a real-life go-getter making waves in the world of law.

Olu Evans Height & Weight

Olu Evans stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, and he carries around 80 kilograms of pure charm. His warm brown eyes add a touch of kindness to his bald locks. Unfortunately, the details on his chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, biceps, and other specifics remain a mystery. Nevertheless, Olu’s unique blend of features and his friendly demeanor make him a truly remarkable individual.

Personal Life & Family

Family MemberName
FatherJon Twichell
MotherLinda Twichell
SisterNot Known
BrotherNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
Wife (Spouse)Misty Copeland (m. 2016)
HobbiesTravelling & Reading Books

Personal Life

This awesome guy is over the moon because he’s found the love of his life and said “I do” to Misty Copeland, his sweetheart of many years. The magic began in 2004 when his cousin, Taye Diggs, played cupid and introduced them. On July 31, 2016, they tied the knot at Laguna Beach’s stunning Montage Hotel, which was encircled by an amazing view of the ocean. Their happily ever after officially began that day.


Olu hasn’t spilled all the details about his career, but he’s a hotshot corporate attorney, rocking the specialized world of corporate law. He kicked off his professional journey at the Quinn Emanuel law firm and is currently flexing his legal muscles at the New York State Office of Court Administration.

But here’s the twist – Olu is not just your typical suit-wearing attorney. Nope, he’s got an entrepreneurial side too. The guy started Muse Dancewear, where he’s selling all the cool stuff dancers need, from ballet shoes and foot gloves to twirl-worthy dresses and sleek tights.

And wait, there’s more to Olu’s story – he’s also the lucky spouse of Misty Copeland, the ballet sensation. Misty got her dance moves from her mom, who wasn’t exactly thrilled about her dancing dreams initially. But you know how the story goes – Misty worked her magic, and her mom eventually came around.

Olu and Misty decided to take the plunge and announced their engagement in 2015. Olu went all out with a unique Cushion-cut diamond for Misty’s ring – talk about a classy move! Fast forward to July 2022, and Misty spills the beans – they’re now proud parents to a little guy named Jackson.

So, there you have it – Olu, the corporate hotshot, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and the guy who stole Misty Copeland’s heart. His life’s a blend of law, business, and a whole lot of love and family fun.


Certainly! It seems like in July 2022, the wife of a person shared the joyful news that they had become parents and welcomed their son, Jackson, into the world in April 2022. She expressed the desire to keep their baby boy away from the public eye. Congratulations to the new parents on the arrival of their son!

Olu Evans Wife & Marriage

Olu Evans, this amazing guy that everyone knows as Misty Copeland’s husband, has a pretty sweet love story. So get this, they first crossed paths back in 2004, all thanks to Taye Diggs playing matchmaker. Sparks flew, and they started dating. Fast forward to August 2015 when Olu popped the question, and Misty said a big, happy yes.

They didn’t waste any time and got hitched on July 31, 2016, in California. Misty couldn’t help but share some adorable pics from their special day on social media. Now, they’re rocking it together in the Big Apple, making New York City their home.

Hold on, ’cause there’s more good stuff – Misty dropped the baby bombshell in July 2022, announcing that they welcomed their little bundle of joy, Jackson, three months earlier. Misty, being the awesome ballet dancer she is, keeps on slaying on the stage, all with the support and love from her main man, Olu Evans. Talk about a power couple!

Olu Evans Relationship

Olu and Misty are living the happily-ever-after dream! Olu, the lucky guy, is hitched to Misty Copeland, that amazing American ballet dancer. Guess how they met? Olu’s cousin Taye played Cupid and introduced them, and the rest is history.

Can you believe they dated for a whopping ten years before deciding to tie the knot? Yep, a whole decade of love and laughter! Fast forward to July 31, 2016, the big day finally arrived. Picture this: the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, with waves crashing in the background. That’s where Olu and Misty said their “I dos” and started their married adventure. Talk about a fairy-tale beginning!

Olu Evans’s Wife

Olu Evan and Misty Copeland said “I do” on a magical day, July 31, 2016, marking ten wonderful years together. The Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, with its ocean view, was the perfect backdrop for their special day.

In late summer of 2015, the pair happily announced their engagement before making the big decision to be married. Olu went over and beyond to show Misty how much they cared by giving her an exquisite ring set studded with cushion-cut diamonds.

Misty will always remember June 30, 2015, since it was the day she made history by being the first African American woman to be promoted to main dancer in the American Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) 75-year history. It was a historic occasion that gave Misty’s amazing trip even more pride.

From the excitement of their engagement to Misty’s historic achievement, their love story unfolds like a fairy tale, filled with support, connection, and shared dreams.

Olu Evans’s Social Media

Olu Evans isn’t really into the whole social media thing. You won’t catch him sharing updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok. It looks like he’s more about keeping his life private and staying away from the online scene. Busy with work and not really into the oversharing vibe, you know?

Now, his wife is a different story. She’s all about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even has a presence on YouTube. Imagine this – she’s got a whopping 1.8 million followers on Instagram! Seems like she enjoys the online limelight a bit more than Olu does. It’s kind of fascinating to see how people handle social media in such different ways, right?


  1. Net Worth (as of November 2023): Olu Evans’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, primarily attributed to his achievements as a javelin thrower. Key supporters include JSW Sports and the Sports Authority of India (SAI).
  2. Occupation: Olu Evans is a versatile individual with roles as a successful corporate lawyer, media figure, entrepreneur, and celebrity spouse.
  3. Education: Olu graduated from Emory University School of Law in 2007, earning his Juris Doctor degree. He later became a member of the New York Bar.
  4. Birth and Age: Born in 1979 in the United States, Olu Evans is approximately 43 years old as of 2023.
  5. Family Background: Olu comes from an African-American family, with roots traced back to John Twichell and Linda Twichell.
  6. Height and Weight: Olu stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 80 kilograms.
  7. Personal Life: Olu Evans is married to Misty Copeland, a renowned ballet dancer. They got engaged in 2015 and tied the knot on July 31, 2016, in California.
  8. Children: Olu and Misty are proud parents to a son named Jackson, born in April 2022.
  9. Career: Olu is a corporate attorney, having worked at Quinn Emanuel law firm and currently serving at the New York State Office of Court Administration. He is also an entrepreneur, having started Muse Dancewear.
  10. Social Media Presence: Olu Evans prefers to keep a low profile on social media, in contrast to his wife Misty Copeland, who is active on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Olu Evans, born in 1979 in the United States, is a successful corporate lawyer, entrepreneur, and celebrity spouse. He gained recognition for his achievements as a javelin thrower, contributing to a net worth estimated between $1 million and $5 million. Olu, married to ballet sensation Misty Copeland, is a graduate of Emory University School of Law and a member of the New York Bar. Despite keeping a private personal life, he is known for his entrepreneurial venture, Muse Dancewear.


What is Olu Evans’ net worth?

As of November 2023, Olu Evans’ net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

What is Olu Evans’ occupation?

Olu is a corporate attorney, media figure, entrepreneur, and celebrity spouse.

Where did Olu Evans graduate from?

Olu Evans graduated from Emory University School of Law in 2007.

Who is Olu Evans married to?

Olu Evans is married to Misty Copeland, a groundbreaking ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.

When did Olu Evans and Misty Copeland get married?

Olu Evans and Misty Copeland got married on July 31, 2016, in California.

Do Olu Evans and Misty Copeland have children?

Yes, Olu Evans and Misty Copeland are parents to a son named Jackson, born in April 2022.

What is Olu Evans’ involvement in sports?

Olu Evans gained recognition as a javelin thrower, with support from JSW Sports and the Sports Authority of India.

Is Olu Evans active on social media?

No, Olu Evans prefers to keep a low profile on social media, unlike his wife Misty Copeland, who is active on various platforms.

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