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The core of the “Maine Cabin Masters death” revolves around an incredibly skilled and lively cast, each contributing their distinct talents to the mix. Chase Morrill’s strong leadership and Ashley Morrill’s creative expertise are key elements that have played a vital role in the show’s triumph. The genuine connection and teamwork among the cast members have undoubtedly been a crucial ingredient in making the show a hit.

The Maine Cabin Masters’ death rumours

As of December 2022, all the members of the Maine Cabin Masters cast are still with us. Back in 2015, there was a heartbreaking incident where some individuals lost their lives in a Maine cabin, leading to a mistaken belief that it involved the show’s cast. However, it turned out to be a separate tragic event involving people celebrating a birthday and graduation. They sadly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning hours after arriving, and the media in the US extensively covered the devastating incident.

On a different note, the official Facebook page of Maine Cabin Masters shared some sombre news on August 30, 2021. They posted an obituary for Reeves, one of the individuals associated with the show. The post revealed that Reeves had been battling a severe illness that ultimately claimed his life. He left behind his wife, children, and grandchildren. It was a poignant moment for the show’s community as they mourned the loss of one of their own.

Maine Cabin Masters Death Biography

Wild Bill Davenport, born on a warm July 6th in 1949, came into this world as the son of William F. Davenport Sr. and Barbara R. Davenport (Trainor). His childhood was woven with the threads of family, growing up alongside his siblings Flora Peyton and Florence Harrelson in the embrace of Whitefield.

In his youth, Wild Bill set sail on the seas as a proud member of the US Navy, exploring the vast corners of the world. As the tides of time carried him through his maritime adventures, he eventually dropped anchor in both California and Florida during his post-sailing retirement. Yet, the call of his Maine roots and the allure of Allens and Yellow Cap beckoned him back to the land where he first felt the earth beneath his feet.

Chelsea became the final harbour for Wild Bill, where he decided to dock for the remainder of his days. Carving his niche in the world, he spent years as a carpenter, ascending trees with the roar of chainsaws, and unearthing worms from the fertile soil.

A memorable moment etched in time was Wild Bill’s appearance on the Kennebec Cabin Company – From the Woodshed 118 podcast on September 8, 2020. Here, he regaled listeners with tales of the diverse and intriguing jobs that had filled his lifetime. Notably, he shared a special bond with Chase and Ashley’s father, Bill, having toiled alongside him for years. The camaraderie persisted even after the passing of Eric Morrill in 2014, with the Morrill family making a conscious effort to keep the flame of friendship alive by involving Wild Bill in their ventures.

Over the span of the last decade, Wild Bill Davenport cultivated a unique and profound connection with Eric’s daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Ryan Eldridge. To them, he wasn’t just a friend; he stood as a beacon of paternal guidance and mentorship. The Morrills expressed everlasting gratitude for the role Wild Bill played in shaping and enriching their lives. In the symphony of life, Wild Bill’s melody, marked by the echoes of the sea and the resonance of chainsaws, resonated as a timeless and cherished tune for all who had the privilege of knowing him.


Full NameWild Bill Davenport
Birth Date6 July 1949
ParentsWilliam F. Davenport Sr (Father)
Barbara R. Davenport (Trainor) (Mother)
SiblingsFlora Peyton
Florence Harrelson
Place of UpbringingWhitefield
Military Service
ServiceUS Navy
Life Journey
Post-Military LifeExplored the world as a sailor
Lived in California and Florida
Returned to native land (Maine)
Later Life
Tree Climber with Chainsaws
Worm Digger
Podcast Appearance
PodcastKennebec Cabin Company – From the Woodshed 118
Date of Appearance8th September 2020
ContentShared about interesting jobs in his lifetime
Connection with Morrill FamilyBest friends with Chase and Ashley’s dad (Bill Morrill)
Worked with Bill and Eric Morrill for years
Maintained contact with the Morrill family after Eric’s demise in 2014
Special connection with Eric’s daughter Ashley and her spouse Ryan Eldridge
Father figure and mentor to Ashley and Ryan


Chase Morrill’s wife, Sarah Morrill, hails from North Andover, Massachusetts, and she’s not just any resident; she’s a dedicated registered nurse. You’ll find her making a difference at the Maine Primary Care Association. If you’re curious about her life outside of nursing, check out her Instagram page under the handle @sarahmorrill13.

They initially met paths at the College of Atlantic in Maine, which is where their love affair started. As genuine college sweethearts, Chase and Sarah spent their time courting before deciding to be married. A timeless story of love growing in the picturesque environment of a college campus.


After finishing college, Chase dove headfirst into the world of revitalising rundown buildings as his main gig. Intrigued by the idea, he hopped on board with the Maine Cabin Masters team featured on DIY Network, which is now known as Magnolia Network. Interestingly, back then, he wasn’t into social media and didn’t have a business website to his name.


Sarah and Chase’s kids are Nori, Maggie, Eva, and Fletcher. Their eldest child, Maggie, turned 16 on 15th July 2022. She participates in sports events like skiing and horse racing. Eva and Nori’s ages are not yet disclosed.

Ryan Eldridge

There are several reasons why I believe our show works so well, and a big part of it is thanks to our wonderful state of Maine. Other places have tried similar shows, but Maine has a lot to offer these days. With numerous camps and a unique charm, we’ve found our niche here. The show’s concept aligns perfectly with what our state provides, creating a great match. Over the years, we’ve developed genuine friendships and strong working relationships, and that authenticity shines through. The production company truly understands us – our humour, the banter on the job site, and the fundamental way we approach things. They excel at capturing and portraying the essence of who we are and what we do.

A Brief Overview of “Maine Cabin Masters”

For those unfamiliar, “Maine Cabin Masters” is a popular reality TV show that follows a group of skilled craftsmen as they renovate cabins in the picturesque landscapes of Ma

ine. The show captivates audiences with its stunning transformations and endears them to the charismatic cast.


The “Maine Cabin Masters Death” article discusses the cast members of the popular reality TV show “Maine Cabin Masters,” focusing on the false death rumours surrounding them. The core cast, including Chase Morrill and Ashley Morrill, contribute their talents to the show’s success, with a genuine connection and teamwork among members playing a crucial role.

The article clarifies that, as of December 2022, all cast members are alive. In 2015, an unrelated tragic incident in a Maine cabin led to false rumours about the show’s cast. The article also mentions the passing of a person associated with the show named Reeves in 2021 due to a severe illness.

The biography section provides details about Wild Bill Davenport, a carpenter with a strong connection to the Morrill family. It describes his naval service, maritime adventures, and his lasting impact on the Morrill family, particularly with Ashley and her husband Ryan Eldridge.

The wiki section presents key information about Wild Bill Davenport, including his birthdate, parents, siblings, military service, life journey, post-military life, and later life details.

The family section briefly introduces Chase Morrill’s wife, Sarah Morrill, a registered nurse, and details about their college sweetheart story and their four children.


Is anyone from the “Maine Cabin Masters” cast dead?

As of December 2022, all members of the cast are alive. The article addresses false death rumours and clarifies that the tragic incident in 2015 did not involve the show’s cast.

Who is Wild Bill Davenport, and what was his connection to the Morrill family?

Wild Bill Davenport was a carpenter with a naval background and a close friend of Chase and Ashley Morrill’s father, Bill Morrill. He worked with Bill and Eric Morrill for years, maintaining contact with the family even after Eric’s passing. He had a special connection with Ashley and Ryan Eldridge, acting as a father figure and mentor to them.

Who is Sarah Morrill, and how did she meet Chase Morrill?

Sarah Morrill is Chase Morrill’s wife, a registered nurse, and they met at the College of Atlantic in Maine. They are college sweethearts, and after finishing college, Chase joined the Maine Cabin Masters team.

How many children do Chase and Sarah Morrill have?

Chase and Sarah Morrill have four children: Nori, Maggie, Eva, and Fletcher. The article provides additional details about their eldest child, Maggie, who turned 16 in July 2022.

Why does Ryan Eldridge believe “Maine Cabin Masters” is successful?

Ryan Eldridge attributes the show’s success to the unique charm of Maine, strong friendships, and the production company’s understanding of the cast’s authenticity. He emphasises the genuine relationships and working dynamics that shine through in the show.

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