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Who is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is a popular US Twitch streamer and content provider. His popularity has grown due to his intriguing and interesting streaming. Born October 11, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida, he started streaming in 2018.

Ross started streaming using Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, his ability to make his remarks funny and lively set him apart. This, together with his unique and likeable personality, rapidly won over viewers, resulting in a loyal following.

Adin Ross’s audience engagement is excellent. He naturally creates an open and fun environment, which his viewers love.

Ross plays Just Chat apart from gaming. He actively engages viewers in discussions on a variety of topics. His collaborations with Ludwig and Valkyrae have increased his prominence in the streaming environment.

Adin Ross is on Instagram and YouTube. These platforms reveal his stream highlights and personal life and passions. He engages with his audience more profoundly, establishing his diverse content producer position.

Adin Ross’s Early Life

Adin Ross, also known as Adin Ross Minuk, was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on October 11, 2000, during a beautiful day. His origins are in a middle-class household, and he had a comfortable regular upbringing. His life did have one unusual thread running through it, though: a strong passion for video games. Adin’s heart had always pounded to the pulse of video games. He could not resist the pull of the pixelated worlds and virtual journeys.

He spent countless hours as a young boy learning gaming principles, honing his tactics, and submerging himself in the virtual worlds that had caught his attention. He walked the halls of neighbourhood schools while growing up in Boca Raton, balancing the needs of a normal social life with his unwavering passion for gaming. But despite being surrounded by friends and school activities, Adin’s special talent for entertainment still shone through. His pals were in giggles as a result of his hilarious humour and fascinating narrative, which was a sign of the magnetism that would later ignite his streams.

Adin’s world was expanded by the technology’s dynamic environment. Platforms for live broadcasting and producing content, including Twitch and YouTube, drew his attention. These were more than just platforms in Adin’s eyes; they were places where he could show off his gaming prowess and connect with people around the world. The foundation of his profession as a content producer was laid here.

His journey was not a prewritten story; rather, it was the result of the blending of a regular boy’s love of gaming, a rare talent for entertaining, and the limitless opportunities of the digital age.

Adin Ross Career:

Adin’s high school journey took an unexpected turn. Despite attending Woodlake Union High School, his burning passion for broadcasting led him to a daring decision – he chose to bypass his high school routine and delve headfirst into streaming on Twitch. The allure of the virtual airwaves was just too strong to resist.

In the realms of Twitch, Adin’s creative partnership with his sister Naomi emerged. As a dynamic duo, they became part of the ‘Always Excelling’ NBA 2K group. Destiny had an interesting twist in store for Adin, as his involvement in this group paved the way for an encounter with none other than Bronny James, the offspring of the basketball legend LeBron James. This connection opened doors, propelling Adin into NBA 2K matchups alongside Bronny, and even spurring thrilling wagers with fellow streamers and YouTubers.

Yet, life’s narrative isn’t without its twists. Adin’s dissatisfaction with NBA 2K21 and its creators manifested in November 2020, sparking a movement. With the rallying cry of #make2kfunagain, Adin’s call for change reverberated across Twitter, rapidly becoming one of its most discussed topics. Simultaneously, Adin’s content horizons expanded to encompass “e-date” streams, a unique concept where participants embarked on a quest for romance through Discord. This innovative approach further fueled the growth of his Twitch community.

Adin’s journey didn’t confine him to a single spot. In February 2021, he etched his name in history as the inaugural member of the Clout Gang 2.0, marking a new chapter. This shift also saw him leaving behind the abode he once shared with his sister Naomi, embracing new adventures.

However, no journey is without its challenges. On April 4, 2021, a “bot attack” targeted Adin’s Twitch channel, an unexpected influx of bot followers temporarily driving his follower count beyond 3 million. Prior to this event, Adin had already amassed over a million subscribers and commanded a live viewership of around 30,000 during each stream, a testament to his growing influence.

As the sands of time shifted, Adin took a transformative step on December 24, 2022. He made a heartfelt announcement, signaling a change in his lifestyle and content direction. In a brave move, he decided to distance himself from what he termed “female-oriented” content that had significantly contributed to his success. Instead, he embraced a lifestyle akin to that of his mentor, the notable Andrew Tate.

In the tapestry of Adin Ross’s life, each thread represents a choice, a challenge, and a triumph, weaving a narrative that’s uniquely his own.

Adin Ross Wiki

Name of PersonalityAdin Ross
Age22 years
Height1.73m (5ft 7in)
Date of BirthOctober 11, 2000
ProfessionTwitch and Live Streamer
Monthly Income$0.9 Million
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
EducationHigh School
Net Worth$35 Million
Favorite GamesNBA 2K, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite
YouTube Subscribers3.83 Million

Adin Ross Net Worth

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Adin Ross’s journey, his net worth emerges as a shining star, estimated at a dazzling $24 million in 2023. This financial constellation is a testament to his meteoric rise as a social media sensation and streaming luminary in the United States.

The cradle of his prosperity lies within his chosen domains – the realms of YouTube and Twitch. Through these platforms, Adin has not only amassed a dedicated following but has also reaped substantial financial rewards. His knack for gaming and content creation has translated into a sizable income that continues to flourish.

Adin’s social media charisma has drawn in millions of eager followers, creating a virtual community that resonates with his unique style. Within this digital realm, his annual income sails past an impressive $5 million, with the anchor being YouTube. The digital landscape has become his stage, where he entertains and engages, reaping the rewards of his creative endeavors.

Moreover, amidst his ascent, Adin Ross exemplifies a heartwarming commitment to giving back. In 2021, he pledged to donate a commendable 10 percent of his monthly Twitch earnings to charitable causes. Despite his own success, this deed of generosity shows a man that is aware of the concerns of the wider world.

Adin Ross’s wealth is a sign of his dedication, talent, and ability to connect with a broad audience rather than just a statistic in the bigger narrative of his life. It serves as evidence of how the digital age can make people wealthy by pursuing their passions.

Net Worth$24 Million
Source of WealthTwitch Streamer, YouTuber
Monthly Income$900,000
Annual Income$5 Million
Country of OriginBoca Raton, Florida, U.S
Last Updated2023

Adin Ross’s Real Name

The gamer we know as Adin David Ross has a name that carries a certain weight of authenticity. He first saw the light of day on a crisp October 11, 2000. Although the veil over his parents’ names remains, we catch a glimpse of their roles in his life – his mother, a nurturing homemaker, and his father, the enigmatic businessman weaving his own story.

Beside him in this journey stands a sister, a companion in both blood and pixels. Naomi Ross, a name that echoes in the realms of gaming and social media influence, walks alongside him. It’s a shared adventure, where screens light up with shared laughter and victories.

Interestingly, their names dance in resonance with tradition. Adin and Naomi, names that whisper of generations and cultures, are like echoes from history. In a world propelled by pixels and code, these names bring a touch of heritage, a reminder that behind every digital avatar, there’s a story rooted in human narratives.

Is Adin Ross Black?

Adin Ross’s identity goes beyond the surface, revealing a tapestry of diverse origins. While his appearance might suggest otherwise, he isn’t categorized as black. Instead, his ethnicity is a captivating blend, mirroring the rich mosaic of the world.

His family roots take us on a global journey. Picture his mother’s heritage tracing back to the vibrant shores of Jamaica, while his father’s lineage unfolds through the intricate threads of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. These diverse origins converge to create a unique cultural blend that shapes Adin’s identity.

His skin tone, often a canvas that tells stories, is painted by his Jamaican heritage. It’s a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, that the hues of our skin are chapters of a narrative written by our diverse backgrounds. Adin Ross stands as a testament to the complexity of identity, reminding us that our stories are woven from many threads, each contributing to the masterpiece of who we are.

Adin Ross’s motherItalian
Adin Ross’s fatherPuerto Rican

Is Adin Ross White?

Adin Ross carries a heritage as diverse as the colors of a sunset, a blend that makes him wonderfully unique. While he doesn’t fall within the labels of black or white, his identity springs from a rich fusion of backgrounds. Picture his father, a tapestry woven from Italian and Puerto Rican threads, and his mother, a living connection to the vibrant rhythms of Jamaica. This vibrant mix of ethnicities paints Adin’s canvas with a hue all his own, a shade that has captured the hearts of his fans.

In a recent heart-to-heart with his girlfriend, Adin delved into the intricate tapestry of his life, one woven by the threads of his heritage. His Jamaican roots, in particular, hold a special place in his heart, a source of pride that finds its way into his streams and content. It’s a beautiful dance between who he is and where he comes from, an intricate choreography of cultures that shapes his identity.

Adin’s story isn’t confined to simple categories; it’s an evolving narrative of his own making. His heritage, a mosaic of Jamaican, Italian, and Puerto Rican origins, plays a central role in the symphony of his life. As he continues to captivate and entertain his fans, his ethnicity becomes more than just a footnote – it’s a vibrant chapter that adds depth to the story of Adin Ross.

Adin Ross’s Youtube Channel

When it comes to YouTube, Adin Ross’s net worth takes a slightly different shade compared to his Twitch endeavors. His YouTube journey, while impactful, doesn’t quite reach the heights of his Twitch platform. Across all his YouTube channels combined, the subscriber count falls just short of the three-million mark. It’s a reminder that success, though measured in numbers, isn’t limited to figures alone. Adin’s impact and influence ripple through both platforms, each contributing its own verse to the symphony of his digital journey.

How Much Does Adin Ross Make From YouTube?

Adin Ross’s YouTube realm often features none other than the basketball icon LeBron James and his talented son. Yet, the lion’s share of his earnings streams in from his Twitch ventures. If we peek behind the scenes, we find that the videos on both his channels manage to capture an impressive average of 300,000 views. That’s a lot of digital eyes tuning in to his content. And it doesn’t stop there – he’s a prolific creator, churning out a hefty average of twenty videos each month, sometimes even three times a day.

Now, let’s do a bit of number-crunching to unveil the curtain on his YouTube net worth. We’ll take a gander at the conversion rate of $1 per 1000 views. This magic formula spells out that he rakes in around $6,000 every month, courtesy of his live-stream videos and the personal stories he pens in his blogs. It’s a dance with the inevitable advertising rhythm that accompanies the YouTube realm. And when you’re a maestro like Adin Ross, spinning out dozens of films a day, those virtual coffers jingle with rewards that match your creative symphony.

Where is Adin Ross from?

Adin Ross’s journey began on the 11th of October, 2000, under the name Adin Huncho. Denver, Colorado, stands as the backdrop to his early life, a place he calls his hometown. Rooted in American nationality, his heritage paints a picture of American-white ethnicity. A follower of the Christian faith, he wears the Libra horoscope like a badge. It’s a blend that makes him, and he identifies with the white race.

Ross sees October 11th as the beginning of a new chapter in his life rather than just another date on the calendar. His ever-evolving story gained a new chapter in 2020 when he turned 20.

As a social media luminary, Adin Ross has chosen to keep certain chapters of his life away from the public gaze. Details about his family and educational journey remain veiled in mystery, adding to the intrigue that surrounds him. Yet, a glimpse into his past is offered through childhood pictures, hinting at the boy who would grow to become a prominent figure on the digital stage.

Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches, Adin Ross boasts a physique that’s both striking and balanced, with a weight of approximately 70 kilograms. This physical canvas, complemented by his magnetic aura, has the power to captivate, even without the confines of clothing.

Beyond the surface, his net worth sparkles at an estimated $500,000 in 2021, a testament to his digital prowess. A young age doesn’t deter him from making waves on the social media sea, with a steady stream of income flowing in through his endeavors.

His Twitch channel, AdinRoss, is a virtual playground where he engages his audience with “Grand Theft Auto” and “NBA 2K” content. With over 285K subscribers, he’s crafted a digital realm where gaming and challenge videos reign supreme. This journey began in 2019, under the moniker AdinHuncho, and has since blossomed into a captivating experience.

As for matters of the heart, Adin Ross’s love life has been a topic of curiosity. While he was once romantically linked with Stacey Gould, recent updates reveal they’ve parted ways, remaining on friendly terms. The internet buzzed with rumors about his relationship with Corinna Kopf, fueled by a live stream kiss. However, Adin cleared the air, asserting that they are good friends and nothing more.

In the realm of controversy, Adin’s recent Twitter exchange with a fan stirred the pot. Ross’s candid thoughts on the matter made it clear that not every headline is worth the spotlight. When it comes to his orientation, he’s straightforward – Adin Ross identifies as straight, a reflection of the honesty that’s become his trademark.

Adin Ross Nationality

Adin Ross, a vibrant personality in the world of gaming and content creation, has etched his name as an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. His digital realm is a canvas where he paints his gaming adventures and vlogs with equal enthusiasm. Born on a crisp October 11, 2000, his journey started in the sun-kissed embrace of Boca Raton, Florida, United States. This special place on the map makes him a proud bearer of American citizenship.

Behind the screen name “Adin Ross” lies a more personal moniker – Adin Ross Efendic. The roots of his identity reach back to his Bosnian heritage, as his parents embarked on a journey from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United States during the 1990s. The cultural tapestry they brought with them from afar weaves itself into Adin’s story, enriching his identity.

While his origins trace back to a land across the seas, Adin Ross was nurtured by the American landscape. It is the place where he was born, raised, and where his aspirations first came true. He considers himself to be an American, demonstrating the blending of his background with the nation that welcomed him.

Adin Ross stands as an embodiment of the diverse threads that make up the fabric of the United States – a place where heritage and identity intertwine to create a unique and vibrant individual.

Popularity on Social Media

Social PlatformFollowers
Twitch7.3 Million
Youtube3.5 Million
Instagram5.5 Million
Twitter2 Million
TikTok12.3 Million

Adin Ross Family

Adin Ross’s family is a blend of unique stories. His father, known as Mr. Ross, charts his journey through the realm of business, a world where deals and opportunities intertwine. On the other hand, his mother, affectionately referred to as Mrs. Ross, brings the warmth of a homemaker, tending to the heart of their household.

Within this family tapestry, a sibling bond thrives. Naomi Ross, Adin’s sister, adds her own colors to the canvas, creating a dynamic that’s uniquely their own.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Adin Ross’s relationship status reads “unmarried.” On the other hand, love has entered his life. The gossip of the town has been a protracted relationship with the well-known social media personality Corinna Kopf. But before this chapter, there was another – a girl named Stacey, who played a role in his various YouTube videos, adding her own verse to the symphony of his digital adventures. In the complex landscape of relationships, Adin’s story unfolds, capturing the ebb and flow of connections that shape his journey.

Father’s NameMr. Ross
Mother’s NameMrs. Ross
Brother’s Name
Sister’s NameNaomi Ross
GirlfriendCorinna Kopf

Adin Ross Girlfriend:

As of now, Adin Ross remains in the realm of being single. Yet, the rumor mills have been spinning tales of a certain someone who might hold a special place in his heart. If the whispers are to be believed, the lucky lady is none other than the well-known social media personality, Corinna Kopf. Their story has been penned across time, capturing the attention of onlookers.

The spark of speculation ignited when Adin and Corinna shared a live stream moment, a kiss that left digital footprints on the hearts of their viewers. But before this chapter, there was another love story written in the pages of Adin’s life. Stacey, a young woman who graced some of his YouTube videos, played a part in his journey.

In the realm of relationships, Adin Ross’s tale is an ever-unfolding narrative, woven with threads of connections that paint a picture of his heart’s journey.

Adin Ross’s Car Collection

Let’s delve into Adin Ross’s assortment of automobiles. Recently, he made a substantial investment of $200,000 USD to acquire an Audi RS Q8, adding a touch of luxury to his collection. Alongside this, Mr. Adin possesses a Volvo XC90 valued at $60,000, which he personally selected. Additionally, Adin Ross boasts ownership of several other remarkable vehicles:

Car ModelPrice (USD)
Lamborghini Urus$230,000
Audi RS Q8$200,000
Range Rover Sport$70,000
Volvo XC90$60,000
Alfa Romeo Giulia$50,000
Jaguar XE$40,000

Adin Ross’s House

Presently, Adin Ross resides in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. Notably, he has acquired a lavish residence worth a staggering $30 million, which he shares with prominent individuals like Sommer Ray, FaZe Banks, and Mike Majlak. This opulent dwelling showcases the epitome of luxury.

Moreover, Adin Ross is the proud owner of a splendid mansion situated in the esteemed Hollywood Hills area. This four-story architectural marvel stands as a testament to his refined taste and success. Its valuation surpasses $7 million, a testament to its grandeur.

Numerous remarkable features may be found inside this spectacular home. These include a separate game area, a well-equipped gym, a cutting-edge home theatre, and an eye-catching glass staircase that runs the length of the building. Modern design is evident in the open floor layout, which is enhanced by walls that effortlessly fold to create a link with the outside.

Adin Ross Facts

Let’s delve into Adin Ross’s journey through various platforms and the events that have shaped his career. Adin kicked off his Twitch streaming adventure back in 2019, operating under the name AdinHuncho. He then expanded his presence to YouTube on August 15, 2014, creating the channel “Adin Live.” The channel’s debut video, titled “NBA 2K20 – THE FASTEST WAY TO REACH 99 OVERALL (FASTEST WAY TO INCREASE YOUR OVERALL AND REP),” was unveiled on September 8, 2019.

Transitioning to Instagram, Adin’s initial post on his eponymous account appeared on July 31, 2019. The snapshot depicted him in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California.

As of February 2021, Adin Ross’s most viewed YouTube videos included captivating titles like “Adin & Corinna Kopf KISS ON STREAM! (not clickbait),” “Bronny & Adin React to Inside Tee Grizzley‘s $500,000 Jewelry Heist!,” and “Adin & Corinna Kopf KISS On Hot Tub Stream! Ft. Julia Rose.” Another significant milestone occurred in May 2021 when Adin became the 5th most subscribed channel on Twitch after amassing an impressive 50,000 subscribers. This feat involved surpassing the veteran Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar‘s subscriber count at the time.

Adin’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. He encountered a suspension from Twitch in April 2021 due to a guest streamer using a homophobic slur during his stream, which garnered over 85,000 viewers. Subsequently, in May 2021, he faced another ban from the GTA RP server due to a controversial role-playing scene featuring two kneeling female characters.

Beyond gaming and streaming, Adin stepped into the boxing ring in May 2021 by challenging fellow YouTuber FlightReacts. He’s also shown his human side, like in June 2021 when he reacted to fireworks during a Twitch livestream, initially mistaking them for gunshots and seeking shelter under his desk.

During 2021, Adin resided in a shared house with notable streamers such as Mike Majlak, FaZe Banks, RiceGum, and Sommer Ray. However, not all of Adin’s moments have been positive. He was banned from Twitch for the fourth time on July 7, 2021, after using his cellphone while driving, which violated both Californian state law and Twitch’s community guidelines.

In August 2021, Adin participated in a $20,000 wager match of Splitgate against fellow Twitch streamer yourRage, which he unfortunately lost. The following year, in April 2022, Adin Ross faced an indefinite Twitch ban due to instances of hateful conduct.

Adin’s journey has seen highs and lows, victories and challenges, showcasing the dynamic nature of his career in the streaming world.


And that brings us to the conclusion of today’s discussion regarding Adin Ross’s net worth. Adin Ross carved out a notable niche for himself in the gaming realm. However, he also engaged in certain actions that drew attention – like streaming while driving, evading acknowledgment of his relationship with his fiancée, and being embroiled in a scandal involving his sister’s private photos being leaked. For Twitch, safeguarding its reputation against such potential calamities was of paramount importance.

Despite these controversies, Adin Ross managed to accumulate a substantial fortune within a relatively short span. This rapid financial growth underscores his lucrative endeavors. Even if a suspension were to be imposed by Twitch to maintain their standards, it might not significantly impact his overall net worth or earnings, provided he continues to prioritize safety and adhere to guidelines.


Who is Adin Ross?

A1: American Twitch streamer and video creator Adin Ross is recognised for his entertaining and funny commentary. He became famous for playing Fortnite and Call of Duty and partnering with other Twitch streamers.

Q2: Adin Ross’s real name and birthdate?

A2: Adin Ross Minuk was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on October 11, 2000.

Q3: How did Adin Ross first stream?

A3: Adin Ross started Twitch streaming in 2018. Due to his engaging personality and amusing material, he soon established a passionate following base playing Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Q4: What else does Adin Ross stream?

Adin Ross streams “Just Chatting” sessions where he chats with fans about many things besides gaming. He’s known for welcoming his community.

Q5: Adin Ross’s net worth?

A5: Adin Ross’s 2023 net worth is predicted at $24 million. His Twitch and YouTube accounts generate big revenue.

Q6: Adin Ross’s girlfriend?

Adin Ross dated Corinna Kopf through social networking. He was also dating Stacey.

Q7: Adin Ross’s ethnicity?

Adin Ross is multi-ethnic. His mother is Jamaican and his father is Italian and Puerto Rican.

Adin Ross lives where?

A8: Adin Ross lives in LA. He owns a Hollywood Hills house.

Q9: What’s the Adin Ross Twitch controversy?

A9: Adin Ross’s Twitch account has been banned and suspended for improper behaviour and community policy violations.

Q10: What additional social media channels does Adin Ross use?

A10: Adin Ross posts stream highlights and other life and interest items on Instagram and YouTube.

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